4B Architects have the expertise to provide a wide range of Design Services :

. Architecture & Engineering Design.
Our multidisciplinary approach to architectural design and building engineering allow us to have a total view of the project, from functionalities, spacing and aesthetics to structure, performance and technologies, that allow us to conceive the building as one fully integrated object.

. Owner Representative & Site supervision.
Our extensive experience gathered over the years allows to provide essential support to our clients during the crucial stage of the building construction, either as management support to client or as technical control on on-going works. 

. Urban Planning & Urban Design.
Our expertise allows us to approach complex subjects related the cities or neighborhood to propose either global masterplanning solutions to solve specific issues related to diagnosis, planning regulations, transportation, street lighting or others.

. Restoration, Preservation and Adaptive Re-use.
Our know-how in heritage building, either from cultural and historic aspect than from construction methods and restoration techniques, allow us to investigate with clients to develop viable options for restoration and re-use of such buildings.

. Interior Architecture.
Our approach of the project, as holistic object makes us consider that the interior space is an extension of the exterior architecture intents, to provide the client with one complete and coherent result.

Others Services.
Our capabilities allow us to cover also other design services from Interior Architecture, Landscaping, Lighting Design, Programming, etc…